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By suzanne_coupland
Does anyone here have experience of DSPS faceless masks, and if so, do you have any exclusion criteria for those patients who it would not be suitable for?

We're currently trialling this and the Orfit open faced hybrid masks, and finding the latter to be better suited to the majority.

Has anyone any experience or thoughts they would be willing to share on this please?

Many thanks in advance,
By joshua_naylor
we are yet to switch to open face masks, would be interested in your comparison if you wouldn't mind sending it to me!
By ben_allen
Hi, we have used open face masks for some patients. Most of our H&Ns are treated on tomo but those neuro patients who are treated on a linac are considered for open face masks. We use "assure open view S-frame" masks and have had really good results. Arguably better imaging results than those in a full face mask as SGRT can see the actual patient. If you want any information then feel free to reply and i can go in to more detail. I know this isn't answering your question but thought I would share our experience.

Thanks Ben