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By amnavora
Hi All,
Just wanted to ask what your policy and procedure is for if align rt goes down and you have markerless breast patients?
By ben_allen

We have multiple AlignRT systems so if one unit went down we would be able to treat the patients on a matched linac. A worst case scenario (that we have had once in 5 years) is that someone would have to replace a camera and this was turned around in less than 2 days. Most issues have been solved remotely in a matter of hours. And even these issues have been very rare.

We have never lost multiple systems at once but our fall back would be to use IGRT to position the patient. You could then place penmarks for the following fraction etc. Clunky workaround but thankfully never had to do anything like this. The downtime of AlignRT has been next to nothing in all the time we have used it and we've relied solely on it for our breast patients for many years.

Hope this helps.

By nicola_mullins
We included this in our initial risk assesment when clinically implementing tattoless treatments. As a contingency for breast treatments we record the suprasternal notch (SSN) from the lateral scale on the board in our setup records.
We have multiple systems, so in the event that a system goes down we would treat on another machine. We have a similar experience to Ben in that we have had minimal downtime.
Hope that helps