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Discuss best practices and workflow advice for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy on all treatment sites.
By GeorgeG United Kingdom flag
Hi all,

We are looking to install VisionRT and just wondered if anyone had any experience of moving to SimRT having already got RGSC.
We use RGSC for DIBH and back up gaiting for our lungs/SABR treatments.
Is there much of a benefit to having SimRT if you can construct the surface reference image from the planning CT scan during the planning phase?
Do most centres use them in conjunction?

Many thanks
By nicola_snell
We have just installed RTSim and currently use RGSC for our DIBH's. Our reason for getting RTSim was so that we could plan in breath hold like we currently do. We are hoping to do a FB scan to get contour for SGRT set up on set and then a BH scan using RTsim. Benefit of not needing the block. But we are not there yet - hoping for training at the end of the year to start using SGRT on treatment in the spring. But interested to hear how others use RTsim too.