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By Steven de Boer United States flag
I know this should be an easy fix but visionRT support and my IT support have not been able to fix this.

Our alignRT system came with UK keyboard choosen in the software/operating system and we want USA keyboard. We have forced a change there but it always reverts back. Same thing with the date format. Also, the changes are for one user only. Once we find a fix it would be great if it was for all users. We have tried putting on enw keyboards and that seemed to work temporarily (I am told). One solution I sw was to delete the default keyboard out of the registry. I am hesitant to do that and amd really hoping that visionRT can solve this. Has anyone else had this issue?
By The SGRT Community
You need to select "Administrative language settings" under SETTINGS --> TIME & LANGUAGE --> LANGUAGE section,
then click on "Copy Settings" under Welcome Screen and new users accounts,
and there SELECT one or BOTH CHECKBOXES at the bottom, so the currently selected language settings will apply to ALL and NEW user accounts.

Please contact Vision RT support if you need further assistance.