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By Steven de Boer United States flag
Hi all, our truebeam is set to "Varian IEC". In AlignRT I choose IEC 60601-2-1 following information from a previous post. I found that hte pitch and roll axes were interchagned. I then choose Varian Standard and that seems to work. I beleive that the gantry angle definition between Varian IEC (gantry pointing to floor = 0) and Varian standard (gantry pointing to floor is 180) is different but I don't think that should affect alignRT. Am I correct? What have others choosen for alignRT when their truebeam is "Varian IEC"
By The SGRT Community
There are several different IEC coordinate systems available for use. To ensure you are using the correct one for your linac, please call us on our support line and we will confirm which coordinate system is correct for your AlignRT.