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This forum post is linked to our recent SGRTuesdays webinar series, covering topics around how SGRT can benefit your clinical practice at every stage of the RT workflow (Sim-Plan-Treat-Dose) and also for every patient and every fraction.

Please feel free to use this thread to ask any questions you might have for our speakers. (You do not need to have attended the webinar to post).
By marko_laaksomaa Finland flag
Hello Samantha

I watched your interesting and informative video "Introducing AlignRT for head and neck IMRT treatments". I want to ask the question concerning your new workflow. I understand that you initially setup the patient with face ROI, then you setup the mask and after that use second ROI, which is a combination of faceROI+neck/chest ROI for final setup verification before CBCT? My questions are: If you are not satisfied of the setup accuracy of this latest ROI based on AlignRT deltas, how do you re-setup the patient then before CBCT? What do you think is best thing to do then? Try to position the patient based on that combined ROI somehow or use deformation and/or video features? Do you go back to the original faceROI if there was a need to setup the shoulders and the chest?

50% of the monitoring area of the combined ROI is ok, because face ROI is comletely ok on the background (with zero errors). The combined ROI is underestimating the errors of the only chest/neck ROI, which earlier was not that fine to setup alone? This may be part of the reason why combined ROI is easier to setup? Of course this combined ROI launces a reason to do something for the setup if it is not in thresholds. I could use this combination ROI as an approximate method for the overall setup accuracy. So, I could test this workflow with adding deformation and video into it. Daily video for the shoulders and deformation, if the second ROI is out of thresholds.

Thank you Samantha.

Passionately trying to find the optimal H&N workflow as well