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Discuss SGRT for stereotactic body radiation therapy, including breath hold techniques.
By tswett
We have utilized the Bodyfix system without the vacuum overlay for our extracranial SBRT cases for the past 10 years. We are now using VisionRT surface monitoring for both positioning and monitoring along with imaging for our SBRT cases and are beginning discussions on if there is still a need for the quite cumbersome Bodyfix bags. We have also recently implemented the Orfit AIO system for positioning and feel that this could potentially replace the Bodyfix bags. What do other departments do? We have also been observing that the Bodyfix bags may actually take away from using VisionRT to its maximum ability as our ROIs can't wrap around the patient due to the bag coming up on the sides. We currently do not utilize any gating or breath hold techniques for any of our SBRTs except for very rare circumstances. They are treated free-breathing.
Thank you for your input!

Any input would be great!
By karl_jordan
Hi, We currently started treating Pelvic SBRT patients using AlignRT for monitoring and Bodyfix Bags.

We have treated a number of patients and on our first patient the VacBag went too far past the mid-coronal plane and did cause some issues with AlignRT so I would suggest keeping the VacBag relatively low laterally if possible. We do use Hexapod to position our patients and correcting for rotations after CBCT. What we have noticed is that while using the VacBag can be good for immobalisation, it limits the fine adjustments that can be made when using AlignRT alone particularly for rotations. I personally feel we would have less rotations on our CBCT if we had not used the Vacbags for these particular patients.

We are looking at the possibility of removing the bodyfix VacBags from our workflow for sites that do not necessarily require it.