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By Guest
What are the options when looking at SGRT?
By michael_tallhamer_msc_dabr
The big 2 comercial vendors are Vision RT and C-RAD. There are open source librarys that have been used to create research based systems or if you are so inclined can be used for building your own 1 off system.

I heard there was one more potentially commercial system from a smaller company at the AAPM spring clinical meeting in Salt Lake back in 2016 but the name escapes me at the moment. Maybe someone else on this list was there and can remember. I believe the speaker was David Shepard from Sweedish up in Seattle.

Best of Luck

By theo_oliver
There is also a system from HumediQ who are based in Germany.
By joshua_naylor
thanks for listing these options. are you aware of any additional ones that have come to market during the time elapsed since your post?