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By marko_laaksomaa Finland flag

We have some random and monthly, not even weekly problems with the communication between AlignRT and Truebeam. The problem occurs when laser guard light is on, on the Truebeam (for example when gantry is near the elbow). Then when this sometimes happens, we have to exit AlignRT, enter Auto Authorize, press preview and prepare, exit Auto Authorize, press preview, start monitoring and press prepare. This will always help. The problem can occur without that the tolerance table on the clinac has been set to zero or that the patient moves the table. Seems like laser guard has something to do with this. Have you had this kind of problem? Thank you.

Regards Marko
By michael_tallhamer_msc_dabr

Do you have the remotes that go along with the AlignRT system? If so check and see where the remote receiver is placed (typically on the back wall or mounted just above the pod 3  camera).

During  my testing I found that the remotes experience interference if the receiver is in the path of laser guard. There is a chance that laser guard is causing some type of issue in combination with that receiver if you have it. You can cover the receiver with something and see if it is the issue and then have your service engineer move it to a new location if that ends up being the case.

Best Regards