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By nicola_mullins
We have a SABR patient that will require a breath hold technique. The patient is hard of hearing, can we please ask what methods other centres have used to communicate with the patient in these circumstances. Thanks
By jen_scharff
We have used our real time coach in those instances so the patient could see when they were in the correct breathhold position.  As for when they needed to hold their breath and when they could release their breath, the therapists would turn on and off the room lights.  Hope you have a real time coach!!  If not, the turning the lights on and off is a start.
By gisbert_weigl

we use a tablet on which the breathing curve is displayed, including the area for Gating.

It should be possible also for a patient with hearing problems.

Kindly regards

By jose_aguilar
Here at Mayo clinic Az we are fortunate to have in house engineering for our linacs. Our service engineer( Mike Armstrong) came up with a visual device  for hearing impaired patients to see a light ,which we operate with a  pushbutton in the control room. He actually used our QA phantom cable to connect this device.
By ben_allen
Hi, we asked our technical services team to rig a wire in to the room attached to an led light (through the cable port). We switched the light on to indicate the patient needed to hold their breath (using RTC too) and switched it off when she could breathe normally. It worked really well.

Hope this helps.