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Discuss cardiac sparing for left breast patients with SGRT.
By landon_clark

I was wondering if it would be possible to use SGRT with brass mesh bolus, say for a chestwall?

By hui_zhao
Yes. We have used chainmail bolus for years. With AlignRT, we spray painted the chainmail to remove the light reflection.
By victoria_hammondturner
Hi all

I am about to implement SGRT here In Reading UK.

I am looking for information on this brass bolus or any bolus type that works well with SGRT as our physics dept love it!


By jen_r
For those of you using the brass mesh, what energies are you using it with? When we looked into buying one the manufacturer noted that using it with 15MV and above could cause neutron activation? Has that been a concern at any of your sites?
By sandra_mazzeo
How are other sites implementing bolus for their DIBH cases treated with >10MV?  We use the longer flannel backed bolus for routine surface monitoring cases but find this does work with the DIBH cases .  WE find that the patient cannot hold the 3mm threshold when bolus is in place. WE also have tried to open our threshold by .2mm and .4 mm and still find issues with breath hold patients.  We also have the mess but are concerned about neutron contamination to the skin when higher MV beams.
By maria_stock
we use wet towel they conform better and we have no issues w/ cameras.
By suzanne_coupland
Hi All
As a department, the discussion re: Brass mesh bolus has reignited, as we are currently using Barts bolus for breast patients, and despite repeated attempts to reduce air gaps, they still occur.
This thread is obviously from several years ago, so have any departments moved away from, or to, brass mesh bolus?
I've also heard that some departments have had issues with approval from an infection control perspective - has this been affected by Covid-19 infection policies, resulting in depts being unable to use it?
Any other comments or feedback relating to brass mesh bolus would also be appreciated. Many thanks in advance