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Discuss cardiac sparing for left breast patients with SGRT.
By nicola_mullins
Hi all
Apologies if this has been asked before. We have a set up a DIBH service here in the UK that relies on coaching the patient into the treatment position. However, we have patients that don't speak English that we are struggling to effectively coach with the language barrier (i.e polish). Can I ask how other centres have tackled this? I have asked VisionRT to see if they have patient material translated or videos that are subtitled. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
By deirdre
Hi - I have started to look at the exact same thing in Cnetral London - I have a few ideas of things to try but havent tested anything yet. Can I get your contact details through Align RT so we can keep in touch?
By muenster
We are experiencing the same problem. We are coaching in german and unfortunately we have encountered quite a few problems with patients that do not speak it. Especially with arabic/turkish/russian as we do have only minimal to none colleagues who speak it fluently enough themselves. And often enough english as a second languaguage is not an option either. When treating patients we tried translating the most common commands, like inhale/exhale/.. so we can use them, i.e. turkish, but pronounciation is a huge barrier. The other way around is to let the patient bring a translator or person who can translate for them to get them to know the commands given by the staff. Which is not exactly easy to organize due to current covid restrictions. A overview/guide, even if brief, about DIBH in various languages would be extremely helpfull to let patients understand the importance for the treatment.
By filipe
Dear colleagues,

In those cases I would advise you to have a structured communication during the planning stage with visual/pics/image support. You should create a audio/voice communication code with simple commands such as in, out, free, up, down. You will find your way. Take your time with the patient and everything gone be just fine.
Filipe Moura
By jmariano
I use google translate on my phone to communicate with patients who do not speak English. So far it has been working well and the patients seem to be ok with us using that option.
By jarod_hershberger
Hi Nicola/all,

At a previous workplace, we dealt with this same issue of needing verbal coaching with patients who may not have spoken english. That hospital employed translators, and they were amenable to recording various coaching phrases in several different languages. This would allow us to play them from a side, non-console computer via Windows Media Player that was hooked into the treatment vault's audio system. We also used the same recordings for CT simulation and treatments for consistency and expectations of the patient.

They recorded things like "take a deep breath," "let a little out," "a little deeper," and "you can breathe" as examples.

Hope this helps!
By The SGRT Community
We would love to host the patient coaching commands in multiple languages on our resources section, so that our global community can all share and use these. If you would be willing to record your DIBH coaching commands in your local language to be shared in this way, please contact and I can provide instructions and get them uploaded. Thanks in advance!