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Discuss SGRT for stereotactic body radiation therapy, including breath hold techniques.
By kira_oliver
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there was using SGRT for expiration, rather than inhalation, breath hold? Most likely for liver stereo?


By marie_coffey
Good Afternoon,

Yes me use SGRT mostly for motion monitoring and to check consistency of EEBH during image acquisition and deliver of SABR Liver usually treated in EEBH. We use full bodyfix bag immobilization for this cohort and thus are unable to rely on SGRT for set up as we cannot give the cameras enough information (blocking lateral topography with the bodyfix bags built up on the sides). We use Varian Gating to coach the SABR Liver patients into EEBH and double check the consistency of the breaths using SGRT. With Gating we can establish the correct baseline at which the EEBH planning scan was taken and overcome the limitation of SGRT camera blocking with kV arms, kV panel and Gantry. We have found this particularly beneficial for patients who change their breathhold during imaging or treatment. Essentially we are using the 2 systems in conjunction with each other, and getting the best of both.