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By beth_arive
I've seen a few people mention using Vision RT with VMAT but I cannot understand how that might work.  When the gantry moves it ends up blocking a camera and shutting off the beam.  I was thinking that maybe we could use it just for setup and then when we get a match we could exit out of VisionRT and proceed, but that hasn't worked well either because the therapist has to completely exit out of the mode up and resend all of the fields from Mosaiq back into Varian 4D and only then will it allow us to stop using Vision.  Am I completely missing an option that allows treatment while the gantry moves?
By vingerhoedwim
Hi Beth,

we treat all our patients with VMAT en surface scanning and it works out fine! When a single camera is blocked ,the system picks up the signal of the patients surface  from the other pods. The delta's become a little jumpier but not in a way that it is holding the beam.
By katie_fossier

Can you explain what you mean when you say that you use "surface scanning"?  Have you changed the surveillance options for misalignment for greater than 0 seconds as an option to get around beam hold for vmat patients?  Thanks for your input .