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By margaret_barker
Hello, is anyone out there using AlignRT with RayStation that would be willing to talk to me about your workflow? I have no issues with importing and setting up an initial plan, but I am seeing unusual behavior trying to import subsequent plans for a patient (ex: boost or replan using the same CT) where the surface ROI comes over as an orphan.

By chin_hwa_chan
Hi Meg,
We have Raystation and been using AlignRT about a year. We usually have our plans export in one go ( ph1+2, or boost etc) and don't have the issues you described. For plans that done afterwards, either new CT scan or using the same one we don't have issues either. May be try when you export to AlignRT untick the phase 1 structure set in raystation before export, as it is not belongs to the current plan (ie no plan attached to it therefore it becomes an orphan). hope it helps.