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By ConorWard
Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone is using a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard setup with Align RT in the treatment room. We feel it would give us more freedom but we're unsure of the compatibility. If anyone is using this setup have you found any issues/interference with the Real Time Coach which is also Bluetooth.

Kind Regards,

By daniel_vetterli
Hi Conor

we are using a wireless (not Bluetooth) mouse and this works fine. If you don't have it yet, you need to bring a USB cable in the bunker. We did that via a USB extender. Hope that helps...

Best regards

By michael_tallhamer_msc_dabr
Anything is possible with a little work. if you put in another Bluetooth receiver (comes with the Bluetooth mouse) you shouldn't have any issues with the RTC. The AlignRT system also has remotes that you can purchase that may cover some of the functionality you are looking for.
By ConorWard
Thanks for the replies. We ended up getting a wireless mouse and keyboard instead and I'd highly recommend it. Receiver plugs straight into where you would plug the USB cable of your keyboard/mouse. Works straight away and we're find it very convenient.