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Discuss cardiac sparing for left breast patients with SGRT.
By robertr United Kingdom flag
Hi all,

I wanted to get input into the use of SGRT for DIBH in patients with multiple plans. We plan our SCF patients as a separate plan (Plan 1: Tans, Plan 2: SCF), but they have a common ISO position. Technically it's BeamSets in a single plan in RayStation, but they come across to Aria/AlignRT as two plans.

The issue we have is that although they share an ISO, in AlignRT as they are two plans they can't share ref surface captures (or not that we can see). This means we are having to take multiple ref surface captures for the multiple plans, even though they should be that same surface.

Any help appreciated.

By jerin_mathew
Dear Rob,
If we consider both chest and Scf movement during DIBH ,the movement of chest is more .
If they have common iso for both ,we can track the chest for set up and during treatment and can deliver treatment if they are fine .

If they not happy with this ,it will be better to treat with different ISO . which will precisely track both area and deliver better and safe treatment
Eg:1) While treating SCF chin will play apart, somethings it will be down and may comes in SCF field .in this case if we are treating with same iso we won't come to know.This can be observed if the fields are different.
2)for chest wall case we use bolus , in this case there are chances of bolus to come in the SCF field if it is not properly placed.
By ricky2_straw United Kingdom flag
Hi Rob, the 2 plans will be treated with the same structure set, I would recommend just using one to cover both