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Discuss best practices and workflow advice for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy on all treatment sites.
By lee_beresford
We currently have a AlignRT screen in each treatment bunker which is small and distant from the treatment couch due to network point positions. This sometimes makes it difficult for the treatment team to use while standing next to the patient. This is especially troublesome when using for adjusting patient rotation, pitch etc based on the align results.

How do others have their room set up? Are there any novel arrangements beyond bigger monitors? (although I know  this would help us)

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

By daniel_vetterli
Hi Lee

I am convinced that you definitely need to improve on your monitor setup. For me optimal visibility is a kee point for successful use of AlignRT in clinical routine.  You have to provide for your RTTs the best possible setting and you need to define that together with them. I am not aware of any "novel arrangements". Larger monitor (one or even two) would improve situation but optimal positioning as as important. I you are using rather expensive equipment you definitely have to provide together with your Hospital infrasturcture management an optimal solution so that your RTTs can (AND LIKE TO!) use the system. All this probably does not help too much, but there is no magic sulution to that problem.


By marie_coffey
Hi Lee,

You could try to use a mirror to reflect the screen for better visibility in room or if the VisionRT screen could be integrated on a tablet you could put a mount on the end of the bed.


By kyle_woods1
Hey Guys,

We have a great system in our clinic, with a TV monitor placed next to our separate Mosaiq screen at the end of the bed. We can both look at AlignRT during setup without strain or awkward angles! Picture attached - definitely recommend this as a setup for making things quick & easy.

By chin_hwa_chan
Hi, we are about to install our first AlignRT this week and have the same thought as your dept. mounting the screen at the end of the bed. May I ask how big is your screen size and I am worry about the distant may be too far from the RTs?