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Discuss best practices and workflow advice for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy on all treatment sites.
By laurenvacker1 United States flag
I am trying to help my clinic get into the markless technique. Curious as to how new starts go? Are shifts needed? Where do you shift from? or is this determined during CT sim? We share a CT machine with our radiology department but we do have our lasers in the room. We do not have it set up where iso is placed but we have the capability to do so. We would want to try this with breast patients first to see how that goes.
By joshua_naylor

good move - we are tattooless/markerless for all sites now. New starts you just set up straight to iso using surface - we did that even when we had tattoos (i am aware from the USA SGRT meetings that some in america set up to marks first then shift even with SGRT; i think this is a waste of time).

the radiographers (therapists) take anatomical measurements at CT as a fallback. the set up is primarily done with the CT body contour reference surface.

if you would like more info please email me on - i could share docs if you wish

By lydia_kedziorek United Kingdom flag

We went tattoo and mark free for our breast patients on day 1 of implementing SGRT here in Derby, UK.

As Josh explained, you can go straight to iso on day 1 using the surface. We have postural video and I find this helps on day 1 to quickly get to isocentre.

Also happy to share more information if you require-