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By William Wong China flag
Hello everyone, our center recently installed Varian identify system for SGRT and wish to go for tattooless setup for breast cases. One difficulty is that we are uncertain about the roll of patient during setup. It would be much appreciated if any expert could share how to determine patient roll in the initial setup of patients.

Thanks a lot!
By marko_laaksomaa Finland flag
Hi William

Please, read the texts. ... acm2.13410 ... 1612005184

DOI: 10.5603/RPOR.a2021.0062

Those are not giving exact answer to your question. There is a field for CBCT data evaluation again with different ROIs used. However, I am pretty sure that the ROI covering the (deforming) breast from treated side only is not in general the best solution to determine the correct posture of the patients (bony) chest at the setup.

Best regards Marko