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By marko_laaksomaa Finland flag

Optimal AlignRT ROI for breast RT is studied. ... acm2.13410 ... acm2.14216

Several manuscripts handles the accuracy of pelvis setup. All the studies have used different kind of ROIs. ... v17i3.5611 ... 9422002111 ... 8-717x-4-9
VisionRT Reference guide, drawing an isocenter region of interest above (may be not the latest version, please find the latest one) gives slightly different tips to draw ROIs.

To reliably know which one to use as a default may be confusing.

However, in pelvis region, I do not find any studies comparing the ROIs. To find the optimal setup ROI leading to smallest possible bony rotations (rotation, roll, pitch) of pelvis in CBCT images is of interest. If you have such comparative data, please let us know. With AlignRT this comparison is easy to put into practice.