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Discuss best practices and workflow advice for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy on all treatment sites.
By laurence_delombaerde
SGRT Community wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 9:28 am
Physics: When commissioning SGRT and Workflow, was it complete physics lead or it had pre-treatment and treatment Radiographer involvement?
When we installed the systems (5 years ago) it was completely physics led. We did several checks eg. stability with lights on/off, beam gating, E2E test etc. We also set up all protocols and ROI instructions for the RTTs. At that point we also did not have anybody in the department with prior experience with surface scanning. If I were to implement a new system today, I would include some RTTs with experience. They work with the system everyday, so they know which ROI works best for which indication.
By laurence_delombaerde
SGRT Community wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 9:29 am
Do you have "key-user" RTT's?
We have an 'AlignRT RTT team'. They are volunteers with an extra interest in AlignRT. Everyday one of the RTTs is on call and they do all the available imports that day (we use Varian's CarePaths with an 'Import task'). Usually this RTT does also other non-linac related tasks (eg. draw blood or wound treatment). They are also the first line of contact for other RTTs when there is an issue on the linac.