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Seek advice and share experiences of performing QA and calibration checks with SGRT technology.
By theo_oliver

Does anyone have any experience of using a realistic anthropomorphic phantom for testing and validating SGRT on? e.g comparing CBCT shifts with the readings given? My understanding is they are generally translucent, so absorb some of the light, and reduce the accuracy of the system.  Is there a way around this?


By daniel_vetterli
Hi Theo, just recently I had the very same problem. Just as an idea... There is stripping-paint that you can apply form a spray can. It is e.g. used to "improve" the appearance of cars, rims etc... Just spray the region of the phantom where you want to set the ROI for your tests. It is a bit of work but cheaper than to buy a new phantom.

By michael_tallhamer_msc_dabr
We used the IMT MAX-HD phantom ( with great results. We provided a white paper on the testing and the results for testing on the Vision RT Align RT system at AAPM 2017. If you are interested in the white paper you can email me privately and I can send it to you (

Another anthropomorphic phantom with non-opaque surfaces you might try could be the Rando phantom
By theo_oliver
Great, thank you for for you help
By alex_morris
Hi Michael,

Please could you send me the QA paper that you have published? ( I was wondering whether you use a platform to put in pitch and roll movements onto the phantom?