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Not complicated. Actually simplified. You just have to change your way of thinking. As therapist we are used to marks or tattoos because that is how we were taught. Marks or tattoos are on the skin’s surface. That is also what Align RT is picking up but can pick up the whole region of interest you are treating rather than just on the crosshairs. It can detect movements needed to be made and can do it more precisely than your eyes. We even use it on our patients who use masks. By using Align RT as our “digital marks” we have learned that we have been over moving patients over the years according to their skin marks. You have to trust the system  and for us that took a few weeks. We kept marks on and filmed most patients to prove to ourselves the systems accuracy. It worked and we have never looked back!

That would be awesome to be the  first in your country! Let me look and see if I have notes or tips I have taken over the years that I can provide you with.