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Hi Jim,

We have version 5.0.1747 and installed in mid 2015. Yes, That is true!!!  If Daily Qa does not pass three times , the system does not allow you to repeat the DailyQA and you need redo Monthly QA- I consider this is a very well established safety lock.  We experienced this  only once at early days when our therapists were new to the system.  Now if in case Daily QA fails once, they check their setup, room light etc.. right away.  Please let me know if you have any more questions


Here  are some inserts from VisionRT training module. ‘Phase 1 Module Summary1.2 Final.pptx    page 27-28

<p dir=”LTR” align=”CENTER”>What are two occurrences that force the user to do Monthly Calibration?—</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>1. Product installation</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>2. Daily QA failed three times</p>

<p dir=”LTR”>————————————————</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>DAILYQA</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>Does <b>NOT</b> define or check isocenter or calibrate the system.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>Checks that the current monthly calibration is still valid by comparing data generated from pairs of pods.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>The process calculates the 3D blob locations from the Daily QA images.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>These locations are compared to their ideal positions and the average shift from true to ideal is computed for each camera pod.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>The discrepancy between these shifts are computed between two pairs of pods giving two error values.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>If either of the two errors are greater than 1mm the Daily QA fails.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>Failure is normally due to relative camera pod movement.</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>————————————————————————————————</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>Monthly QA</p>

<p dir=”LTR”>Determines the camera locations and parameters</p>
<p dir=”LTR”>Defines the isocenter position from which all patient shifts are computed</p>
<p dir=”LTR”></p>

<span style=”font-family: Arial;”>**</span><span style=”font-family: Arial; font-size: x-large;”><span style=”font-family: Arial; font-size: x-large;”>IF DONE INCORRECTLY ALIGNRT WILL INCORRECTLY PERFORM MATCHING </span></span>
<p dir=”LTR”></p>
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