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We use the following approach after every software upgrade with some items being based on the items affected during the upgrade. Tolerances are up to your institution.

1. If the camera calibration is wiped out as a result of the upgrade the following is done first if not skip to Step 2

  • Perform a monthly calibration (we use raised plate here but you can use whatever you wish to use for your clinic)
  • Perform Daily QA
  • Complete a Isocenter cube calibration

2. Daily QA is performed and validated against statistical trend of previous Daily QAs

3. Isocenter cube calibration verification is completed (tolerances 0.01cm or 0.1degree)

4. Monthly camera only end-to-end test (no linac based imaging done)

  • Hidden target test using only the camera for phantom positioning followed by WL imaging a 8 gantry/couch positions (tolerance <1.0mm for SRS)

5. Monthly end-to-end test

  • Hidden target test using the cameras for initial setup of the phantom followed by CBCT positioning and a WL imaging a 8 gantry/couch positions (tolerance <0.5mm for SRS)

6. Run Daily QA

  • Includes TG-142tests, TG-147 tests, Linac interface check, and software functionality tests
    • Static localization
    • Dynamic localization
    • Static position vs DICOM coordinates
    • Camera stability
    • Obstruction testing
    • Gating testing
    • Automated remote positioning
    • Surface Tools SSD check
    • ROI propagation
    • Reference and treatment imaging