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Hi Teddi,

We use civco breast board with a vac loc on top. Through experience, we have leaned that pitch can be translated to the patient needing to slide up or down in their vac loc . Pitch can also be adjust by moving the arm (shoulder) up or down, especially if your ROI includes a sclav field.

We set to FB reference and when all parameters are correctly set, then we switch to BH reference. In BH position our vertical is never adjusted except by having the patient take in more or less air.

My thoughts are if you are trusting the system to tell you the lng and lat positions correctly then you might as well trust it for correct vertical position (Free breath position).

Once you figure out the pitch issue, I would set all parameters, including vert to your FB reference. Most of the time the patients fall right into their threshold when switching to the BH position.

Good luck!