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From Vision RT; we don’t optimise the cameras differently for different body sites. The cameras are set up the same irrespective of site they are used for. This provides us with very high precision for all treatment sites, and not just SRS. We highly recommend all systems that perform SRS treatments have the SRS calibration module (for cube calibration), which allows greater accuracy with couch rotations. Also, during the installation we apply what is known as an Advanced Camera Optimization (ACO)* which ensures greater accuracy and stability for SRS treatments and all other treatment sites. If you have specific questions regarding your set up or need further help please contact your local support team and they will assist further’.


*Advanced Camera Optimisation (ACO) is a service performed procedure introduced to optimize the accuracy and stability of 6DOF tracking over a large field of view (FOV). Using a series of proprietary algorithms and techniques, the ACO procedure includes fine-tuning the optical setup and generating a 3D calibration model by acquiring multiple images of a precision manufactured ACO calibration plate as it is positioned throughout a 3D volume. The images are captured across a large FOV, resulting in 3D calibration data that is designed to encompass all typical clinical surface locations.