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Courtney Watkins

Hello! Our department policy is that all employees wear masks when in the hospital, not N95 yet but we are getting fit tested soon.  We are to assume that every patient has or is carrying Covid-19 so using hand washing/gloves with all patients. As of this post we do not have any known positive cases in our department, when/if we do we are to use droplet precautions. Gown, gloves, masks with face shield (preferable N95 mask).  We have reviewed donning/doffing procedures with all direct patient contact employees.  As far as hand sanitizer, we still have bottles/cans placed around the department.  We have been told to conserve our sanitizing wipes, therefore are limiting one wipe for cleaning after each patient.  We have been wiping down door handles to changing areas and bathrooms regularly.

As far as changes departmentally, we have removed all magazines, books, drinks/food from patient areas. We are only offering water with single use disposable cups for bladder fill patients.  We are screening each patient upon entry to our department.  3 questions: do they have a cough, shortness of breath, or have traveled recently.  And we take their temperature.  We are not allowing visitors in our department, all drivers/support people are to stay in the car in our lot and not enter the department.  They can walk them to the screening desk and then go back out and wait in their vehicle.

No changes to our set-ups for SGRT.  Still using wingboard or breast board. We use a ring for patients to hold onto for pelvis set-ups, and have suspended use of that for now. We have had no issues with patient’s wearing masks and having trouble breathing for DIBH.  As of right now it is the patient’s choice to wear a mask or not.  Only if they are coughing do we require them to wear a mask.

I hope this answers your questions, feel free to reach out if not!