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Cristina Boswell

We currently stop ours about 3 times for our SBRT patients. We do so by monitoring the Breath-hold time because the CBCT will not automatically begin scanning once you “beam on”. There is a bit of a ramp up time for the CBCT to startup after each interruption, which we address by monitoring the time we asked the patient to hold their breath (most can for 20sec). Varian offers a shorted CBCT that I think is roughly 120-degrees for BH CBCT, but it is at an extra cost. We would like to go in this direction in the future. I am not sure if it would be possible to add to an IX, but perhaps something to consider. We do typically perform a pelvis spot-light if we need to repeat the CBCT for it’s shorted degree rotation of 200-degrees. Hope this helps!