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We have used both types and both work well. We use the Orfit 3-point openface masks for almost 95% of our SRS cases ranging from simple mets to trigem cases and really really like them. We have a site using the Q-fix masks with the “bite-stick” (or whatever you call it) that you stick into their mouth through the mask material and that seems to work really well. The concept is interesting so we have tried just this week to make a bite stick for some of our standard 5-point closed face Orfit H&N masks which usually perform really well without it to see if that adds anything to the setup consistency over time on some of the patients we know are going to loose alot of weight during xrt (we will see). I’m not sure how much it buys you with or without the bite-stick over the standard open face as we really haven’t seen a need for it on our openface mask patients (more so closed face masks where the cameras can’t help compensate)

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