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We rely solely on Vision RT  for setting patients up everyday. It has proven to be more efficient and more accurate than marks in most cases. We have the majority of our patients in 10 min time slots because of how efficient the process is. Here are a few of the top features I can think of:

-Using the software you can read SSDs from outside the room (one of the best features ever)

-Tracks patient movement during treatment. Allows adjustment to previous position before movement occurred.

-Can treat patients using no marks. We refer to Vision RT as our “digital marks”.

-Can re-create deflated vac locs by setting up to DICOM image instead of having patient re-ct’d and re-planned.

-Allows treatment capabilities for deep inspiration breath hold patients.

-works great for extremity patients. Detects roll and rotation and can be fixed before leaving the room. (prior to using it would take multiple attempt to fix this from CBCT or ports)

Let me know if you have more questions!


Ellen Herron BSRT(T)