SGRT Speaker Dinner, Phoenix, AZ

Meeting Details

Keynote speaker(s):

Michael J. Tallhamer M.Sc. DABR

We are excited to announce the SGRT: Changing the Face of Radiation Therapy Speaker Dinner will be held in Phoenix, AZ.
Please join us November 6, 2019, from 6.00 PM at Province Urban Kitchen & Bar for an engaging and informative evening.

Michael J. Tallhamer M.Sc. DABR
Chief of Radiation Physics Centura Health – Radiation Oncology Denver, Colorado

Mike Tallhamer will be speaking on a number of topics, including: 

– Hear how SGRT is changing the practice and delivering a higher level of patient care with accuracy and efficient workflow

– Understand the many applications of SGRT across the clinic, including DIBH, SRS, SBRT and more

– Understand the potential for moving beyond marks/tattoos to provide a patient-centric radiation therapy experience

– Learn about the newest solution for patient verification and accessory tracking – SafeRT ID

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