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Seek advice and share experiences of performing QA and calibration checks with SGRT technology.
By jose_carlos_pichardo
Does anyone have a process for determining the best threshold to use in Eclipse to convert the BODY contour into the DICOM Reference surface? How can this be tested?

Thank you,

Jose C Pichardo, Ph.D., DABR

Boca Raton, FL
By marko_laaksomaa Finland flag
Hi Jose

You physicists may have some tests how to measure the optimal HU- value in the BODY etc. I do not know about those things. What I have done here in Tampere is that I have evaluated the couch shifts needed based on online matches with AlignRT setup . The average for the couch shift in 25-50 patient studies are typically -1.3 mm, such that there is a need to raise the couch to meet the DRR bony structures. Therefore I think it could be useful to test to create an additional structure 1.3 mm outside the BODY, use it and see what happens for the averages with DICOM. This is not individual adjustment, this is based on group average and therefore perhaps not optimal. It is interesting to hear other possibilities, since this is a good question.

By jose_carlos_pichardo
Will everyone share what threshold value they use for generating the BODY surface? Do you use a different value for different sites? Are you able to distinguish where the mask is?