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Discuss SGRT for stereotactic body radiation therapy, including breath hold techniques.
By kristi_anders
I am curious to know what many of you are utilizing for immobilization for DIBH SBRT liver lesions?  We utilize Orfit AIO with upper torso and lower pelvic masks.  Currently, we monitor with Align RT.  Set ups have not been consistent.  There have been 6-7 degree pitch which Align RT  is not picking up.  Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise, patients need to be sent to IR.
By mathias_dierl
We use simple, but real long vacuum pillows without any masks, so that alignRT can visualize enough of the patients' skin to be precise. Maybe it's not a good idea to cover too much of the patients' surface and molt the vacuum pillows only slightly above the centerline of the patient and leave some typical bony spots visuable, like bottom of ripcage or pelvic bones. Too obese patients might be challenging nevertheless.