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Discuss cardiac sparing for left breast patients with SGRT.
By kristen_beck
Any tips or tricks for using AlignRT on patients with pendulous breasts? We currently place a syringe under the breast to create separation in the inframammary fold and see some daily setup variation on AlignRT. How do other sites manage this? Do you try to minimize the variation or increase tolerances on AlignRT or something else?
By kimberlystenroos
Hey Kristen!! When we have a patient like this what has worked well for us is creating an ROI that does not include the breast itself. That way it is only looking at stable anatomy. Any time we use foam or a roll or something in the IM fold we also take that area out of the ROI because it can vary. I hope this helps!
By kristen_beck
Kim - So good to hear from you and thanks for the reply!
By mary_gostick
For very large ladies we have been using the Chabner bra which works well at supporting and lifting the breast into a more stable, reproducible position. However depending on the fit and bra size it doesn't always allow for complete accuracy but I believe it helps. The patient is assessed at CT (sometimes dependent on the size) we know in advance if they would benefit rom chabner bra use. They are then 'sized' and measured up. the setting on AlignRT is set to 'fair' so the system recognises the bra more than skin tone.