About Us

The SGRT Community mission is to facilitate a radiation oncology peer-to-peer environment of clinical professionals working together to adopt and promote best practice of SGRT across all applicable indications to ensure quality patient care.

The SGRT Community provides a forum to exchange best practices, share treatment ideas and results, ask questions and get feedback, and stay up-to-date on industry events. We work diligently to facilitate knowledge sharing through hosting educational events that are focused on the newest innovations in SGRT. If you are interested in attending educational events, webinars or annual meetings, please visit the Upcoming Meetings page on our website.

What is Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)?

SGRT uses non-ionizing and non-invasive camera technology to position and monitor the patients external surface to ensure they are in the correct position
throughout their radiation treatments. It matches surface data, in all six degrees of freedom and in real-time, to a reference model captured either during planning or at the point of internal imaging in the treatment room.

SGRT is used both in setup and therapy for breast, DIBH, SRS, SBRT, head and neck, pediatrics and other indications. With SGRT, the clinical team can be confident that radiation is being delivered accurately to the intended target for every patient, every fraction, and every treatment.

Vision RT is the financial sponsor of SGRT Community. However, any views, clinical workflows or other recommendations expressed within this community are not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of SGRT solutions should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.