The SGRT Community is a global peer-to-peer network of radiation oncology professionals, working together to share knowledge, research and best practice about the use of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy.

On this page, you will find videos from recent educational webinars, created by your peers in this community. All are free to access once you have registered.

SGRTuesdays: February 2024 On-demand webinar

SGRTuesdays webinar focused on how SGRT can benefit your clinical practice at every stage of the RT workflow (Sim-Plan-Treat-Dose) has already aired. On-demand webinar is available now.

SGRTuesdays: A new season for SGRT

This webinar on the benefits of surface guidance for RT planning, clearance mapping and dose visualization has already aired. On-demand webinar is available now.

Reunião SGRT Portugal 2023


Seminário Online

Participe no nosso seminário online apresentado maioritariamente em português, com foco nas aplicações clínicas da SGRT em tratamentos de radioterapia

SGRTuesdays: Back to School Webinar

SGRTuesdays went "back to school" with this September, 2023 webinar series on the ABCs of SGRT. Register to access the on-demand videos.

SGRTuesdays – June 2023

The June, 2023 edition of our popular SGRTuesdays webinar series is now available on-demand. Register below for instant access.


SGRT: höhere Arbeitseffizienz und Patientensicherheit – in jedem Schritt der Behandlung.

SGRTuesdays – Part 3 On-demand

The latest round of SGRTuesdays webinars has been completed. Videos are available on-demand.

SGRTuesdays Webinar Series – Part Two

SGRTuesdays featured experienced Surface Guided Radiation Therapy users sharing their clinical experiences on the fundamentals of SGRT with live Q&A.

Reunión Regional de la Comunidad SGRT en Barcelona 2022

Seminario web en español, 100% clínico sobre la estandarización de SGRT en los tratamientos de radioterapia.


SGRTuesdays: three free webinar sessions featuring Surface Guided Radiation Therapy users sharing their experiences on the fundamentals of SGRT. Now available on-demand.

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