The SGRT Community is a peer-to-peer network of radiation oncology professionals, working together to share knowledge, research and best practice about the use of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy. provides a forum for clinical professionals to exchange best practice and share treatment ideas across all applicable indications (DIBH, SRS, SBRT, sarcoma, pediatrics), to ensure quality patient care.

The community offers free learning resources, including on-demand webinars, virtual/live events, and “bitesize courses”, all tailored to reflect specific roles in the use of SGRT.

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We work diligently to facilitate knowledge sharing by hosting educational events focused on the newest innovations in SGRT.


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What our members say

We wanted to create a community of users, that is not just about how do I leverage the product, but how we do better for patients in a true collaboration. So, this is the genesis of the SGRT community.

Todd Pawlicki, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, Vice Chair and Director
SGRT Member since 2016

In the future, I see SGRT on all of our machines as a standard. We initially got it for our breast patients, then we extended it to our extremity patients and now every patient we see some benefit to initially set up with surface guidance.

Nancy Wiggers, MD, Radiation Oncologist
SGRT Member since 2017
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