By Marie Coffey, Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist, Beacon Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

By Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK

By Mike Tallhamer MS DABR

By Vicky Howard MS MBA DABR

By Ben Waghorn Ph.D. DABR

By Heidelberg University Hospital. This case report documents an SBRT case for heart irradiation. It describes the clinical rationale for heart irradiation in a 55 year old male, in addition to the treatment details including how AlignRT was used to ensure safe and accurate delivery.

By Mike Tallhamer MS DABR

By Mark Ramtohul (Physicist) & Ben Allen (Consultant Breast Radiographer), QE Birmingham, UK

By Karl Jordan, St Vincents Private Hospital, Dublin. Useful QA workflow in the AlignRT / Elekta environment. Particularly useful to perform on SRS / SBRT days.