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The videos below are full-length versions of shorter, bitesize videos which make up our course on SRS. You can view the bitesize versions here.

Session 1 – Full version – Making the Clinical Business Case for SGRT

Snehal Desai, MD, Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center, USA

Session 2 – Full version – SGRT Implementation Benefits from a Practical Perspective

C. Eric Wooten, MD, Radiation Oncologist, MUSC Health, Florence Medical Center

Session 3 – Full version – Administrative Considerations

Delonie Gregory, Radiation Oncology Supervisor, Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA
Anne Hubbard, Director of Health Policy, The American Society for Radiation Oncology, USA
Debra Corbin, Director of Radiation Oncology, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, USA

Session 4 – Full version – SGRT: Increasing Throughput and Efficiency

Nancy H. Wiggers, MD, Chairman Department of Radiation Oncology, Northside Hospital Atlanta GA, USA