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The videos below are full-length versions of shorter, bitesize videos which make up our course of 10 videos for Radiation Oncologists. You can view the bitesize versions here.


Session 1 – Full version – AlignRT in Clinical Practice: From Deep Inspiration Breathhold To Standard Operating Procedure For Every Patient

Dr K Beer, MD, Radio-Onkologiezentrum Biel-Seeland-Berner Jura, Switzerland

Session 2 – Full version – Surface Guided Radiotherapy for Accuracy, Volume Reduction, Real-Time Tracking and Dose Verification

Dr S Powell, MD, Memorial Sloane Kettering, USA

Session 3 – Full version – SGRT and Breast Cancer Radiotherapy: The Cleveland Clinic Experience

Dr C Shah, MD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA

Session 4 – Full version – Evaluation of SGRT to Perform DIBH Technique for Radiation Therapy of Left-Sided Breast Cancer

Dr B. Pichon, MD, Groupe Oncorad Garonne, France

Session 5 – Full version – Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) in SRS and SBRT

Dr J Lawson, MD, Lexington Medical Center, USA

Session 6 – Full version – Surface Monitoring During Stereotactic Treatment of Oligometastases

Dr C Mercier, MD, Iridium Cancer Network, Belgium

Session 7 – Full version – The Role of Surface Guided Radiotherapy in Intra-cranial Radiosurgery and Mediastinal Lymphoma

Dr P Sanghvi, MD, University California San Diego, USA

Session 8 – Full version – Use of SGRT in SBRT: Can We Possibly Reduce Margin Expansion and Treatment-Related Toxicity?

Dr J Heinzerling, MD, Southeast Radiation Oncology Group, USA