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The videos below are full-length versions of shorter, bitesize videos which make up our course of 10 videos for Medical Physicists. You can view the bitesize versions here.


Session 1 – Full version – Selection and Introduction of an SGRT system into Clinical Use

Jacqui Dorney, BSc(Hons), Msc. Specialist Service Lead & Omar Rahman, BSc, Radiographer Secondment, GenesisCare

Session 2 – Full version – SGRT implementation in a busy clinic

Matthew Taylor Chief RT(T), UC San Diego

Session 3 – Full version – Use of Surface Guidance in the Pediatric Setting

Alisha Chlebik, BS, RT(T), Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Session 4 – Full version – Audit Comparing Breast Treatments Using Varian RPMTM With SGRT Tattooless Using AlignRT

Katie Clerkin, Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist, Beacon Hospital, Dublin

Session 5 – Full version – Align RT based Frameless SRS Using The Integrated TrueBeam STx Platform The UC Irvine Experience

Carlos Monterrosa, BS, RT(T), UC Irvine Hospital

Session 6 – Full version – SGRT for H&N early evidence and experiences

Nienke Weitkamp, RT(T), University Hospital Zürich

Session 7 – Full version – Using SGRT to Align Extremity Sarcoma Patients

Courtney Hallinan, MHA, RT(T), Lead Radiation Therapist, Massachusetts General Hospital

Session 8 – Full version – Maximizing the Potential of the AlignRT System Case Studies on Challenging and Uncommon Setups

Ellen Herron, BS, RT(T), Northside Hospital – Alpharetta

Session 9 – Full version – Efficiency Gains with SGRT Markerless Positioning for Breast Radiotherapy. Benefits for Patients and the Department

Ben Allen, BSc. Hons., Technical Lead Radiographer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Session 10 – Full version – Surface guided radiation therapy for breast cancer improves accuracy without the need for skin marks

Catherine Russel, Senior Radiation Therapist, Alfred Health Radiation Oncology, Australia