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The videos below are full-length versions of shorter, bitesize videos which make up our course on DIBH. You can view the bitesize versions here.


Session 1 – Full version – SGRT and Breast Cancer Radiotherapy: The Cleveland Clinic Experience 

Dr C Shah, MD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA

Session 2 – Full version – Using SGRT to Improve the Quality of Care for Lymphoma Patients

Clare Hartill, Lead Research & Development Radiographer, Guy’s Cancer Centre

Session 3 – Full version – Audit Comparing Breast Treatments Using Varian RPMTM With SGRT Tattooless Using AlignRT

Katie Clerkin, Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist, Beacon Hospital, Dublin

Session 4 – Full version – RT-associated heart injury in patients with breast cancer: Evidence and Avoidance presented

Lawrence B. Marks, M.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC

Session 5 – Full version – Respiratory control to avoid RT-associated cardiac damage in Left-sided breast cancer patients

Session 6 – Full version – DIBH – Is Now the Time to Reduce Port Films?

Rongxiao Zhang, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Session 7 – Full version – Improving Intra-Fractional Target Positioning Accuracy for Left Breast Irradiation with Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique

Yi Rong, PhD, DABR, Assitant Professor, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Session 8 – Full version – AlignRT based DIBH clinical implementation

Lily Tang, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center