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The videos below are full-length versions of shorter, bitesize videos which make up our course on SRS. You can view the bitesize versions here.


Session 1 – Full version – Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) in SRS and SBRT

Dr J Lawson, MD, Lexington Medical Center, USA

Session 2 – Full version – Clinical Rationale for SGRT for Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Yoshiya Yamada MD FRCPC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Session 3 – Full version – Comparison of head immobilization with a metal frame and two different models of face masks

Paul A. Jursinic, Ph.D., West Michigan Cancer Center

Session 4 – Full version – SGRT & radiosurgery with HyperArc™, Experiences of Klinikum Darmstadt

Christopher Rausch Dipl.-Phys, Clinical Application Speclialist, VisionRT Ltd.

Session 5 – Full version – Optical Surface Guidance for Submillimeter Monitoring of Intrafraction Motion During Frameless Stereotactic Radiotherapy Including Hyperarc™ Treatments

Elizabeth Covington, Ph.D., UAB Medicine, USA

Session 6 – Full version – SGRT for SRS

SGRT for SRS Matthew Taylor Chief RT(T), UC San Diego

Session 7 – Full version – Align RT-based Frameless SRS Using The Integrated TrueBeam STx Platform: The UC Irvine Experience

Carlos Monterrosa, BS, RT(T), UC Irvine Hospital