• SGRT Bitesize Course on AlignRT®InBore™

SGRT Bitesize Course on AlignRT®InBore™

This course is designed to show how AlignRT InBore can be safely introduced and used clinically for Halcyon® & Ethos™ linacs. It is made up of 5-10 minute "bitesize" videos.**



Session 1: Feasibility Study: Bore-based Real-Time Surface Monitoring System
Grace Gwe-Ya Kim, PhD, FAAPM, Assistant Vice Chair, Clinical Physics Operations, University of California, San Diego, CA


Session 2: Reproducibility of Deep-Inspiration Breath Hold Treatments on Halcyon™ Performed Using AlignRT®InBore™
Fabrice Lorchel, MD PhD, Centre de Radiothérapie de Mâcon, Orlam, France
Daniel Nguyen, MS, Centre de Radiothérapie de Mâcon, Orlam, France


Session 3: Stereotactic Radiotherapy of Lung Tumors on Halcyon™ v2.0 in Inspiration Breath Hold, Guided by the AlignRT® InBore™ Surface System
Senna Yossi, MD, Centre de Radiothérapie de Charcot et Mermoz, Orlam, France
Daniel Nguyen, Medical Physicist, Centre de Radiothérapie de Mâcon, Orlam, France


Session 4: DIBH with Halcyon Machine
Laurence Delombarde, Medical Physicist, UZ Leuven, Belgium


Session 5: Clinical Experience, Bore-based SGRT

Kelly Kisling PhD, Assistant Professor, Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences, UC San Diego

About the event

This course has been designed for those users who are interested to learn more about the role of SGRT for Bore-based linacs. You will learn about the most used clinical indications with AlignRT In-Bore as well as hear about early clinical results and advantages for patients.

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