• SGRT India Masterclass

SGRT India Masterclass


02 April 2023




Omega Hospital (Under Aegis of AROI-AP Chapter)

The masterclass is designed to disseminate end-to-end knowledge ranging from case selection to treatment delivery for SGRT.


TIME Topics Speakers
10.00 AM System Demonstrations and hands on sessions with VisionRT clinical Applications specialist Mr. Krishna Ramesh, Vision RT
10.20AM Validation of Efficiency /ROI How to draw and how to select Mr.G.Gunashekar, Omega hospital, Visakhapatnam
10.40AM Precession Radiotherapy delivery efficiency with SGRT implementation including SRS Mr.K Anandakrishnan, Omega hospital, Visakhapatnam
Tea Break
11.20 AM Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Technique with Align RT for Breast Dr. B.Ravishankar, Omega hospital, Visakhapatnam
11.40 AM Implementing an End-to-End SGRT workflow from Breath Hold for Lung & Liver Dr. K Sowjanya, Omega hospital, Visakhapatnam
12.00PM Commissioning of a SGRT System


Mr. Krishna Ramesh, Vision RT
12.20PM Introduction to New Products


12.40PM SGRT application for HN patients using Open Face Mask Mr. T Ragul, Kalyan Singh Super Speciality Cancer Institute, Lucknow
Lunch Break
Hands-on and Live demonstrations of SGRT work flow

About the event

Advances in applications, technologies and methodologies in radiation oncology continue to rapidly evolve creating a need for optimal learning. In our continuous endeavor to propagate and advance the science of Radiation oncology, we initiated the masterclass program in domain specific fashion. The first of the masterclass initiatives is focused exclusively on understanding the finer nuances SGRT.

Learning Objectives:

The masterclass is designed to disseminate end-to-end knowledge ranging from case selection, to treatment delivery for SGRT. At the end of the session delegates would affirmatively understand about SGRT: SGRT Master class features practical workshops covering everything from the basics of SGRT to advance work flows. This will be delivered collaboratively by experienced SGRT users as well as VisionRT clinical Applications specialist.

  1. Selection ROI
  2. Drawing ROI
  3. QA
  4. Factors affecting capture
  5. DIBH
  6. Gating demo

Target Audience: Radiation Oncologists // Medical Physicists // Technologists

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