• SGRT APAC Meeting 2024

SGRT APAC Meeting 2024


Took place on Friday, 19th April 2024


Melbourne, Australia


Peter MaCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Campus

We're excited to announce registration is now open for our upcoming meeting of the Asia-Pacific SGRT Community.


The event has already taken place. Thank you for attending!

Thursday, 18 April 2024*

18:00 – *Registration for our Thursday evening “Introduction to SGRT” workshop and dinner is now closed. All the available spaces have been allocated. 

Friday, 19 April 2024

(There are still spaces available for the Friday sessions)

08:30 – Registration 

09:15 – Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome Address
Prof Sandro Porceddu, Director of Radiation Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

Utilising SGRT Across the Radiotherapy Patient Pathway

09:30 – Peter Mac’s SGRT Adoption: Redefining Our Vision for Radiation Therapy
Karen McGoldrick, Radiation Therapist Clinical Lead, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

09:50 – Moving towards SGRT for Sim, Plan, Treat and Dose. Early Clinical results with MapRT
Adi Robinson,  Senior Medical Physicist. AdventHealth Celebration, USA

10:20 – Postural Video to Assist with Reproducing Diagnostic CT Position in Simulation-free Palliative Workflow
Alice Oliver, Radiation Therapy Research Fellow, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

10:40 – The Robustness of Markerless Radiation Therapy in the Pelvis Region by Using SGRT with a Bore-based Linac
Yoshifumi Oku, Medical Physicist and Radiological Technologist, Kagoshima University Hospital, Japan

11:00 – Break

DIBH & Beyond

11:30 – Implementation of Tattooless 6DoF Breast Treatments Utilising AlignRT
Laura Young, Charge Radiation Therapist Icon Cancer Centre – Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia

11:45 – SGRT for Paediatrics: Peter Mac’s Experience
Kenton Thompson, Innovation Lead, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

12:00 – Introduction of an EEBH Workflow Using AlignRT for Liver SBRT
Rebecca Giardina, Senior Radiation Therapist The Alfred, Australia

12:15 – The Reduction of Electronic Portal Imaging Amongst Breast Patients Using SGRT
David Nguyen, Radiation Therapist, Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia

12:30 – Our Journey with DoseRT; Latest Clinical Results
Michael Tallhamer, Chief of Medical Physics, AdventHealth Parker, USA

13:oo – Lunch

Improving Accuracy

14:00 – Enhancing the Positioning Accuracy of Pelvic Irradiation in Prone Position with Surface-Guided Radiotherapy
Norimasa Matsushita, Radiological Technologist & Medical Physicist Kyoto University Hospital, Japan

14:20 – Abdominal/Pelvis Setup Accuracy Using SGRT – a Retrospective Analysis
Catherine Russell, Assistant Radiation Therapy Manager, The Alfred Hospital, Australia

14:40 – Comparison of SGRT to MV Isocentre Position for Different SGRT Systems for Use with SRS
Mark Wanklyn, Senior Medical Physicist Specialist, GenesisCare Mater Hospital, Australia 

15:00 – Break

Patient-centric SGRT

15:20 – Investigating Immobilization Consistency in Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT): A Study on Open Face Masks and Conventional Mask
Sharad Singh, Radiation Oncologist, Kalyan Singh Super Specialty Cancer Institute, Lucknow, India

15:40 – Unmasking Radiotherapy
Zeb Carvalho, Radiation Therapist, LaTrobe Regional Hospital, Australia

15:55 – Panel Discussion

16:30 – Meeting Close. Reception drinks @Peter Mac


Saturday, 20 April 2024*

*Registration for the Saturday morning workshop at Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Melbourne Campus, Australia is now closed as all available spaces have been allocated. 


About the event


The SGRT community and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are excited to announce our upcoming Asia-Pacific SGRT community meeting.

This learning event will showcase the latest clinical evidence on Surface Guided Radiation Therapy across all clinical indications and will feature workshops, hands-on sessions and opportunities to network with your peers. This will be an in-person event, held at the PeterMacallum Cancer Center in the Melbourne Campus, Australia.

This event is completely FREE and 100% peer-driven, with all sessions and talks delivered by SGRT users.


Vision RT is proud to be the financial sponsor, administrator and editor of the SGRT Community. Users and potential users of all SGRT systems can join the community, attend events and post messages on our forum. Clinical content is provided by users of SGRT and their views, workflows, clinical results etc are not endorsed or validated by Vision RT.


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