Listed below are PDF copies of presentations and posters delivered at the 2023 Annual European Meeting of the SGRT Community.

These will only be available for the week following the event.


  • The positive impact of SGRT – The Berkshire Cancer Centre experience (Downloadable PDF)
    Victoria Hammond-Turner, Technical and Development Lead Therapeutic Radiographer, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Successful implementation of SGRT: patient benefits and staff satisfaction from a radiographer’s perspective (Downloadable PDF)
    Lisa Laws, Principal Radiographer, Rosemere Cancer Centre, UK
    Lisa Telford, Team Lead, Rosemere Cancer Centre, UK
  • Patient movement and millimetre accurate positioning with SGRT (Downloadable PDF)
    Rayk Nachtigall, Medical Physicist, Strahlenzentrum Hamburg MVZ, Germany
  • Big data analysis for setup margin personalization derived from intra-fraction motion: a proof of concept (Downloadable PDF)
    Mathieu Gonod, Medical Physicist, Centre G. F. Leclerc, France
  • Feasibility of frameless and maskless stereotactic cerebral radiotherapy with AlignRT InBore guidance on HALCYON v3.0: preliminary results (Downloadable PDF)
    Daniel Nguyen, Medical Physicist, Orlam Group, France
  • Improving efficiencies with MapRT (Downloadable PDF)
    David Parsons, PhD, Associate Director of Medical Physics Residency Program, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Use of MapRT to optimise noncoplanar planning for head and neck patients (Downloadable PDF)
    Helen Convery, Senior Dosimetrist (Development and Clinical Trials), Raigmore Hospital Inverness, UK
  • Dosimetric planning advantages of surface guided planning (Downloadable PDF)
    Adi Robinson, Ph.D DABR, Medical Physicist, Advent Health Celebration, USA


Head and Neck (Stream 1)

  • The feasibility of maskless radiation therapy for head and neck cancer by using surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) (Downloadable PDF)
    Abbey Adams, Radiation Therapy Treatment Unit Leader, Genesis Care North Shore/Mater, Australia
  • Introducing AlignRT for head and neck IMRT treatments (Downloadable PDF)
    Samantha Ryan, Radiation Therapy Research Fellow and Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Ireland
  • Comparison of patients treated with conventional head and neck mask versus open mask using SGRT setup (Downloadable PDF)
    Ragul T, Medical Physicist, Kalyan Singh Super Specialty Cancer Institue, Lucknow, India
  • Head and neck SGRT: our experiences at Lincoln (Downloadable PDF)
    Jacob Curran, IGRT Specialist Radiographer, Lincoln County Hospital, UK
    Ryan Fry, Senior Radiographer, Lincoln County Hospital, UK

Breast (Stream 2)

  • Surface guided deep inspiration breath hold (SG-DIBH) in ultra-hypofractionated radiotherapy for early stage left breast cancer (BC) (Downloadable PDF)
    Cynthia Aristei, Professor, University of Perugia and Perugia General Hospital, Italy
  • Implementing a novel breast workflow utilising 6DoF through AlignRT surface guidance radiotherapy (Downloadable PDF)
    Alya Qadi, Radiation Therapist, Genesiscare Northshore & The Mater Hospital, Australia
  • Clinical implementation of tattooless treatment for breast cancer patients using SGRT (Downloadable PDF)
    Kimm Fremeijer, RTT, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Netherlands

Metastatic Treatments (Stream 3)

  • Clinical implementation of Surface Guided Radiotherapy (SGRT) for palliative patients (Downloadable PDF)
    Jack Hannant, Senior Radiographer, The Christie at Oldham NHS Foundation Trust, UK
    Helen Squibbs, Superintendent Radiographer, The Christie at Oldham NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Breath-hold for hearing-impaired patients (Downloadable PDF)
    Yasmine Tate, Lead Therapy Radiographer, GenesisCare, Cambridge, UK
  • Utilizing SGRT in the treatment of oligometastatic hypopharyngeal cancer: case study of a complete remission (Downloadable PDF)
    Grzegorz Chmielewski, MD, Radiation Oncology Resident, Holycross Cancer Center, Poland
  • Using SGRT for faster, safer and accurate extremity patient positioning (Downloadable PDF)
    Magnolia Rincón Pérez, Físico Adjunto, Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Spain

SRS (Stream 4)

  • Surface Imaging for SRS: Insights from St Louis Radiotherapy Center (Downloadable PDF)
    Gunther Rucka, Medical Physicist, Croix-Rouge Française / Centre de Radiothérapie St Louis, France
  • Surface image monitoring for automated stereotactic radiosurgery treatment: efficiency, accuracy, and patient comfort (Downloadable PDF)
    Edward Clouser, Jr., M.S., Medical physicist, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, USA
  • Comparison of SGRT to MV isocentre position for two SGRT systems for use with SRS (Downloadable PDF)
    Mark Wanklyn, Senior Medical Physics Specialist, GenesisCare NSW, Australia
  • Introducing setup of SRS treatment of patients with open-face mask using SGRT and head adjuster in our clinic (Downloadable PDF)
    Marlon van den Broek, RTT, Radboudumc, Netherlands


  • SG-SFRT: The use of surface imaging for spatially fractionated radiotherapy (Downloadable PDF)
    Yi Rong, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, Professor and Photon Lead Physicist, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, USA
  • Correlation between surface motion and heart-breast distance for breast cancer patients treated in DIBH (Downloadable PDF)
    Lisa Dietrich, MSc, Medical physicist in training and PhD candidate, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Germany
  • Patient-specific bolus positioning with AlignRT (Downloadable PDF)
    Laurence Delombaerde, PhD, Medical Physicist, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium
  • Quantification of beam latency using AlignRT (Downloadable PDF)
    Philip Yeo, Radiotherapy Engineer, University Hospital Southampton, UK
    Rachel Barlow, Deputy Head of Radiotherapy Physics, University Hospital Southampton, UK
  • First experiences with DoseRT (Downloadable PDF)
    Mike Tallhamer, Chief Physics, Advent Health, Colorado, USA

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